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Carey Jefferson, CNM

carey jefferson cnm

Carey Jefferson, worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 13 years before deciding she wanted to expand her ability to support families not only during birth, but also during pregnancy and postpartum. So, she returned to graduate school to become a nurse midwife. She graduated from East Carolina University’s midwifery program in 2013 and has spent the past eight years as a midwife at a birth center. 

She is excited to join the team at Chapel Hill OBGYN. She appreciates the collaborative relationship between the midwives and obstetricians, allowing patients to get the level of care best suited to each person’s desires and needs.

Carey has a special interest in breastfeeding support, family planning and contraception. Carey believes in a shared decision-making model for healthcare, in which providers and patients work together to gather the information needed for patients to make the best decisions for themselves, considering their unique situations and values.

Carey Jefferson lives in Chapel Hill with her husband and her dog, Jix. Her daughter is not far away attending UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Outside of the office, Carey  enjoys walking, hiking, camping, birding, and playing board games with her family.